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10:00 - 11:30am


7:45 - 9:15pm


7:45 - 9:15pm


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The Yoga Lodge


The Yoga Lodge


The Yoga Lodge


The Yoga Lodge



General Class


General Class


General Class


General Class







Located on level

with the heart


Seed Mantra


Practise asanas (postures) to strengthen and heal the heart, arms, hands, thymus gland (immune system), respiratory and circulatory systems

“Putting down all barriers, let your mind be full of love. Let it pervade all the quarters of the world so that the whole wide world, above, below and around is pervaded by love.  Let it be sublime so that it abounds everywhere.”

Entrance to the Yoga Lodge is via the side gate, which will be open up to 10 minutes before the class begins. Classes will start promptly, so please arrive in good time.


Preparing for your Session


1)    Make sure you haven't eaten for 2 hours, light meal or 3 hours, heavy meal


2)    Take off any jewellery that may cause discomfort in certain postures


3)    Wear loose comfortable clothing, i.e. leggings with an elasticated waistband


4)    Yoga is generally practised in bare feet, sometimes socks, however tights are not recommended


5)    Throughout the session, focus on your body and mind as one


6)    Move slowly and smoothly


7)    Listen to your body and know that it is perfectly fine to stop and rest whenever you need to


8)    Breathe deeply, allowing tension to leave you on the exhalations


9)    Yoga is a quiet practice, so please respect this


10)  Mats and blankets are supplied, bring yourself along and enjoy!



Please use our contact page for all enquiries.



I have attended Pavana’s yoga classes for several weeks now and have found her to be friendly and approachable. Her calm relaxed attitude is most reassuring and I have derived benefit from practising the exercises which she takes us through in her lovely soothing voice. After a session I feel relaxed and refreshed.

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